May Recap + Photo dump ☀️

Hey there readers! It has been quite a long time since I last posted a proper post here! I just kinda realised that I haven’t posted a single post for the month of May ~ OH NO NO NO! Nope, I am not gone, just really busy with my studies this year and SAT preps.. Time flies and it’s already June?! Let’s get into this post.

The month of May has been a really busy one.. and I took many many photos so read till the end for more May photo dumps! hehe 😜

Recently the weather has been really really hot and humid – the humidity makes the temperature feel very hot. It didn’t rain much this month either.. sometimes even I feel hot in the air-conditioned room! But this has been a productive month so far.

8th May, my mom graduated with CertBS from FEBC! Thank God for helping her to study the Word of God! God is good!


I did quite a lot of exercises especially walking! I walked around the track for like 1.5hrs in the evening every Monday and Friday every week since now I don’t have Athletics class. The sunsets 🌅 during the evenings are really pretty but sometimes the phone camera doesn’t do justice to nature.. My family also went for quite a number of nature walks this month – I love the pictures taken:

(ok my WordPress storage is gonna die soon…) oh no

My church’s youth fellowship organised a youth outing to Pulau Ubin on the 16th of May and it was SO FUN!! We had lunch together (which was provided) then, we took ‘bum boats’ to the island to have some activities and games! Thank God that the weather was good that day! Thankful for all the work done behind the scenes to make this outing possible! some photos from the outing:

Yes! Lastly, on the 27th of May, I went together with a bunch of homeschoolers including my mom and siblings to the Army Open House 2022 (AOH2022). This year is my last time going as a homeschooler and also with homeschoolers! After 5 years, it’s finally back with new things and even fun interactions with the army vehicles and guns!

It is so fun!! The weather was pretty hot but thankfully no rain! AOH this year is a must-go because how often to you get to ride Army vehicles and hold the guns they use? I mean I’m not talking about Singaporean guys… lol I took more than 100 photos that day! ‘Boy! It was a really fun but tiring day out!! :)) hopefully I’ll post a short video consisting of video clips of our day at the AOH 2022 on my YT channel.. but I think not so soon cause I’m really busy – depending if I have time to edit and upload.. soon soon ok!

(Okiii,, that’s all for the photos. let’s save the rest for my short video!)

30/05/2022 : it’s not a very long post, anyways, here’s to mAy recap and photo dump.

To those who read to the end, yay and thank you for staying this long! Hope to see you around! :)) Like, comment, and subscribe for more posts! ☺️

¡Adiós! for now..

Hannah ❤️‍🔥 @raspberryblissz

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