The lost art of letter writing – a short essay

Letter writing is one of the longest lasting way of correspondence. The art of letter writing probably dated back to around 500 BC and played a crucial part in history for thousands of years, both in war and our daily lives. In modern days where the internet is reachable to all parts of the world, you might say that letter writing has become nothing more than a lost art. With modern technology at our fingertips, any love letter, thank-you note, invitation letter, or birthday card can be narrowed and cut down to a short message or an email.

Writing letters show one’s desire to keep in touch with a close friend, a family member who is overseas, or a soldier who is fighting for his country. Letters can bring good news, sad news, or maybe to show concern and enquire of one’s well-being and health. There are love letters which bring good news or ‘Dear John’ letters which bring sad news. The act of writing letters have many ways of expression. It can show one’s concern for the recipient. Letters that start with a “Dear A, How have you been?” are always seen at the beginning of a friendly and semi-formal letter. These letters can be written to someone who is ill and sickly or someone who is struggling through life. Showing one’s concern of the other’s well-being through letters are a part of expressing one’s love and encouragement for the other party too. Friendly letters usually end with “With love,” “Lots of love,” “Written with love,” or many other ways of ending.

It is a sad thing that anyone hardly writes letters anymore. One probable reason could be that it is time and money consuming. Besides, nowadays we have lightning-fast alternatives to connect with another person via social media platforms or perhaps by sending digital messages. In the era of modern technology, written letters no longer stand a chance!

The benefits of writing letters are many. When letters are written frequently, it not only perfects one’s handwriting but also bolsters good writing skills. Letters that are hand written in the sender’s own handwriting are definitely more personal than an email and shows that the sender has taken time and effort to write it. The person who receives that hand-written letter will know that the sender has taken time to write and express himself in the letter itself. Written letters can act as a surprise to the recipient too. What joy will the recipient have when he has received that letter! Write letters and don’t let this long lasting way of correspondence come to an end! 


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