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Hello there! 😜 I am glad you came across my blog! Thank you SO MUCH for checking this blog out! I don’t know if you know me, or if you are just some random person who randomly found my blog, but I am so happy that you are here! Do subscribe to get notifications whenever I post a new post!! Read on:

This blog is full of photos ~ based on food and personal thoughts. I love aesthetic feeds, so here I am trying to make my website neat and simple! :)) Life as a typical teen/LoveJoyPeace – features all the different kinds of homemade food recipes and especially my own thoughts and life events. If you are a food addict, you are at the right website! Head down to my Pinterest account to see all my different kinds of pins I love and saved! 🌸

I have another blog Living For Jesus, created to record my life in China, but I don’t really post on that blog already so it’s just this website you’re looking at!! You can check it out though! 😉 If your still interested in my blogs and lifestyle (especially if you love food, fashion, accessories, and art!), head down to Simply Joys where you can find related inspirations! 💓

I’m also a calligraphy enthusiast! I especially love hand lettering !! :)) Me and my sister both enjoy calligraphy, but the type of calligraphy we do in our free time is different.. maybe I would post some of the pictures! ✍🏼

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Love protects, respects, serves.

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