With Love,

Heyllo there! I’m back this time to write on the topic letter writing! It’s a change of post hahaha! And I hope to continue with this topic ~ ~ ~

How do you close a letter? Formal or informal? hmmm…

It’s sometimes pretty hard to close a letter when you have so much more to write to a friend, but there’s always a limit to letters – I mean that longwinded letters are really boring (to me..). Maybe just a simple closing will do? or maybe a more formal one? I really can’t decide…

Let’s see some alternative closings we can close our letter with:

For formal letters:

Respectfully yours, || Yours respectfully, || Very truly yours, || Yours truly, || Kind regards, || Regards, || Sincerely, || Yours faithfully, || and so many more!…

For informal letters:

As ever, || Ever yours, || Always yours, || etc…

To a partner, good friend, or a family member:

With love, || With all my love, || Affectionately, || With much fondness, || Love, || and so much more…

**psssst….. I usually use “Love”, or “With love”, these are two of the most common closings used!**

here are also some basics on writing letters which you really need to know.

my advice:

  • Write in clear, conversational style. Keep it simple and neat as possible. Write to express, and not to impress.
  • Never write a letter, and particularly an email, when you are angry. If you must, then put it aside and come back later, or maybe you can sleep on it. Remember that, once you hit Reply or drop the letter into the postbox, it is too late to retrieve it already.
  • Avoid l o n g words — they don’t impress the reader.
  • Start a new paragraph for each new thought.
  • Ask relevant questions, and answer the other person’s questions to the point. (Don’t ask too many questions)

okay… so… that about it for today’s post on letter writing tips!

my next post on letter writing will probably be my like and favourites! yay i really can’t wait to write my next post!

P.S. I would love to hear from you! comment down below! 😉

Hannah ☁︎

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  1. Lrose5 says:

    I always end my letters with Love. I can’t wait for your next letter writing post!!!


    1. hannah says:

      SAME!!! awwww 🥰 thank you. I can’t wait too :))

      Liked by 1 person

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