About Me!

I’m a 19 year old Christian youth / highschooler from Singapore. I love to cook, eat, blog, hand letter, and read! Most of the time I’ll be self-studying at home, journaling, or blogging here! I’m doing the ACE curriculum and am currently being accredited by LCA.

Grade 9 – Freshman Year

Grade 10 – Sophomore Year

Grade 11 – Junior Year

Grade 12 – Senior Year

*** I’ve finally graduated! ***

Reading is one of my favourite thing to do especially when there’s time for me to relax. I love action books, mystery books, fiction and nonfiction books, novels, and so much more!! Most of all, I love reading missionary books, autobiography and biography. Any recommendations on good christian books?

I enjoy practicing my Spanish, but I am not that fluent yet – I hope to be… some day.

I love to write letters to my friends, and I try to do so every week (if they write back on time…). I am very prompt at writing letters back to my friends. hahahaha :)) Look out for some of my posts on letter writing.

Journaling is something I enjoy doing during my free times as well,,, it is so funnn! I do bullet journaling or maybe just journaling only diary/journal. Deco + stickers = 😍 Do look out for my posts on journaling and photos of my journals!

Go subscribe to my YouTube channel here!!! I hope to post some videos up soon ~

I go to Gethsemane Bible Presbyterian Church Singapore – so that’s my church! You can check out my church’s website here.

Let’s be friends! Here’s my Instagram main: @xhannahzz

Here’s my second IG account: (I’d love if you gave me a follow!) @raspberryblissz

Also, do check out my Pinterest account and boards and give a follow! :))

[ updated: 14 February 2023 ]

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