May Recap + Photo dump ☀️

Hey there readers! It has been quite a long time since I last posted a proper post here! I just kinda realised that I haven’t posted a single post for the month of May ~ OH NO NO NO! Nope, I am not gone, just really busy with my studies this year and SAT preps…..

🎈 March 2022 ✨

March 2022 schedule 🎈 ~ just a simple schedule of the month of March for me! ( I love this calendar from Notebook Therapy heheh ) Start the day with joy, Live the day with love, End the day with peace. LoveJoyPeace 🌟


met up with my 3 good friends after a long time!! My sis and I, along with my 3 good friends met up at one of the beaches in Sentosa for a picnic dinner and fellowship together! ❤️ we had so much fun and had a great time with each other!! a memorable day ~…

A 23km walk 💎

안녕 Annyeong!! ✨ I’m back for another post here!! 🙂 It’s finally my long awaited year-end holidays! *squeals* I’m so happy! This week is my first week of the holidays and I’m really excited for the next one to two months of holidays! I don’t really have any plans for the holidays except maybe just…