*I am tired*

Hey ~

I’m sooooo tired right now, and I’m writing this week’s blog post! Today I traveled a lot. I went to buy some brush pens for me and some snacks for my siblings ( haha I’m not a very bad sister to my siblings you know… ). And then I went to Vivocity, Habourfront to buy my favourite drink – bubble tea 💕 LiHo’s bubble tea is so cheap when you flash your student ~ its just $2.00 SGD! it’s so affordable and also really gooddd!! ( also the shopping centers are so crowded )

~ yummy ~

Today my sister also made Portugese egg tarts and I brought some for my grandparents…. and so I travelled again to my grandparents house alone; you know, special delivery?! yep :)) cuz yesterday we made those egg tarts and it was SO GOOD 😍 and we decided to make some for my grandparents too ~ maybe I could make some and send them to my friends house hahaha – good idea right? LOL. 😋

This week was okay, I guess? Well, it was just as usual. Studying and yep! I finished most of my tests and sigh… did i mention that it’s already August! AH… really, the flies and it’s already another month gone. Don’t you think so too? Today is 2nd of August. Two days into the moth of August. okay.

Thank God I managed to finish this week’s FEBC online assignments… really happy I took on this semester’s class!

I am so sorry I didn’t blog yesterday because I was pretty busy… There was Youth Fellowship via Zoom yesterday. HAHAHAH and something really funny happened during Youth Fellowship – toward the end of the Zoom meeting, there appeared a huge moth or butterfly in our study room where we were having the Zoom meeting. 😂 everyone was screaming haha. lol. But in the end my father came home and got it out of the house! HAHAHA

I feel a little bad for not posting earlier as usual haha but never mind right? My friend asked my why I haven’t posted this week just now, so I thought okay, before I go to sleep, I shall write this week’s post. hehe 😎 so here goes this post ~

Oh and Singapore’s 55th National Day is just next Sunday, it’s so fast. anyway, here’s to my weekly post! I would also love to hear from you in the comment section below! :))

One of my favourite Christian hymns:

There’s a wideness in God’s mercy

1. There’s a wideness in God’s mercy,
like the wideness of the sea.
There’s a kindness in God’s justice,
which is more than liberty.

2. For the love of God is broader
than the measures of the mind.
And the heart of the Eternal
is most wonderfully kind.

See ya’ll in a week’s time again ❤️

Hannah 🌧

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