another week ~

just another weekly bujo spread

What’s up guys! How’s your weekend going? I’m just doing what I usually do on weekends which is blogging, bullet journaling, and watching some TV with my siblings.

This week we visited my grandparents for one whole day and me and my siblings went cycling for the first time since the start of the CB (which was started in March). Now the Phrase 2 has opened, much of everything has returned to normal except that everyone has to maintain and keep to all the social distancing rules. I was so happy that we went cycling, although it was just for 1 hour plus… the sky was really nice and the weather was great in the afternoon.

^^ these are the photos I took while we went cycling on Thursday. Aren’t they pretty?! 😍

This week is also my second-last week for this semester! I’m really happy the first semester is almost over! yippeee!! I’m looking forward to my one-week holiday.. although at this moment I don’t know what I will be doing then. I need that holiday hahahahaha!

Ohh and June is almost ending – like in a few days time it will be July! Time really flies! The whole month of June was so rainy with thunder storms – well, almost. But really! I totally Love the weather this month – the cool weather! AHHH!! XD I miss the weather in China – like the cold weather?! Why even is Singapore really hot at times, and also the humidity rate is so high!?!



Anyways this is my weekend. Periodt.

Wrote 2 letters to two of my friends, waiting for Monday to come so that I can mail them.. :))

Made new bullet journal spreads 💞

Updated my blog. yay!

Started a ‘share’ blog with my best penpal hahahaha ❤️ it’s going to be a fun time together. LOL!

Enjoying the cool, nice weather! ☀️

Writing this post ;D


* I prefer to keep my posts as short as possible though… *

P.S. I’m planning to write about bullet journal this week and also maybe about letter writing next week?! Ahhhh,,,, I need more time to blog! I hopefully can do so ~

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Hannah ☁︎

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  1. Lrose5 says:

    It sounds like you had a great week! Is the share blog up yet? If so, can i have the link? Do you like poetry? I love those pictures you took! So pretty! Have a great day!!!!



    1. hannah says:

      oh yes I did! It’s up but we haven’t done anything on it yet..I will put the link up on one of my blog post soon after the blog’s really done! Ayyy, poetry is really cool! Do you like poetry too?
      Awww ♡ Thank you ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lrose5 says:

        ok!! I l💖ve poetry!!! I even have a side blog for my poems! (You can find the link on my gravatar) you’re welcome!!


      2. hannah says:

        oooo that’s cool! I’ll check it out when I’m free! Have a great day! What time is it for you now? It’s bedtime now for me hahaha 😆

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lrose5 says:

        It’s the morning!

        Liked by 1 person

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