lil update + new freebie

welcome back to my blog!

Hello friends,

I wanted to post this yesterday but I was busy making some pictures (for the next HHIZ YouTube video) on Procreate. I am so happy most of it is completed, although I still need to draw one more!I can’t wait for y’all to see it! 🙂

I started bullet journaling again – did I mention that before?! Anyways, yeah! I though I should share with you what I have been doing all these while and since it is coming to the beginning of June. ALREADY HALF OF THE YEAR! yikes!

What i did this week was as usual — school, homework, chores, blogging, bullet journaling, Procreate, letter writing, and idk… watch TV? hahahahahhaahahahahah I’m so into bujo now!

I posted some videos on my own YT channel… but only my close friends know about it… HAHAHAHAH 😂 sorry guys… anyways you still got me!

look at the title of this post – ‘lil update + new freebie’. YES! I am super proud and excited to announce that I have finally released my first printable which I made using the Procreate app, and it’s FREE for you guys to use! but please read the rules given in the printable page >

*for existing subscribers who wish to access the printables, dm me using the contact form.*


*only subscribers (with the password) are able to access them; if you haven’t subscribed, you can do so now!*

~ after subscribing you can dm me for the password to get the printables!


my latest bujo page I did on Friday ❤️

So as promised, here are the photos of my bujo! I will post more in my posts next time when I make more spreads hehe! yay! XD

Lots of love❤️,

Hannah @han15hw

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  1. awesome post, Hannah! – Jorja ❤️


    1. hannah says:

      thank you 😊


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