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you can be someone whom God wants you to be

This week has been pretty tiring and eventful. Since Monday night (18th of May), my church had an Online Bible Conference held on Zoom. It was held from the 18th to the 22nd of May – which was yesterday. Really hectic for me this whole week because I had to complete my homework everyday alongside attending the various messages throughout the day. Schools have holidays but I don’t! So I just had to continue studying as usual and juggle homework with the messages…

Pretty busy, but thank God I managed to finish quite a number of tests and all my homework for the week! I am thankful I had time set aside to listen to the theme messages preached by out pastor and join in some of the afternoon fellowships. It is so fun to see so many people and friends logging in with us from all around the world! :))

I started journaling again this May… Bullet journaling to be exact! ☺️ It is so fun!!! I love bullet journaling now! I told my best friend to start one as well, and guess what?! She literally started one herself too! ☞ she is very good at it hehe ‘specially drawing flowers! She does it better than I though. (p.s. you should start one too! i wanna see how my frees’ bujo is like lol!)

I managed to mail my letter to my BFF again! ❤️ I just love writing letters so much idk how to express the good of it lol. Can’t wait for her letter to arrive next week – YAY!! Go check out my letter writing post here. Should I write more about letter writing?

I am so tired this week. just tired.

I enjoys weekends a lot cuz it’s when I can take a break from the whole week’s activities and school, do what I love and relax! xD

I hope you all are safe and well! Stay home and stay safe! 😉


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  1. Jia En says:

    i think you should write more on letter writing


    1. hannah says:

      oooo yay okay!!! thank you for the suggestion 🙃


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