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What’s up guys! ๐Ÿ’ž

Welcome back to my blog hahahahahahahahah… So here’s another of my week reviews (I have been doing week reviews almost every week on my bullet journal recently) that I’m posting here on my blog!

ohh by the way, haven’t seen me posting my bullet journal pages on my blog? nope, it’s actually moved to a separate page I’ve created a while back.. if you are losing to sneak a peak at my latest bujo spreads and pages, head own to my journal page here. Check my journal page out every weekend for new photos on my bullet journal spreads! Can’t wait for you to see more of my bullet journal spreads heheh!

okay let’s get back to my week review…

so this week was normal or rather a usual week of studies and tests that i’ve completed all – thankfully. nothing much actually changed for me and my siblings since CB ended but I did go out more to buy things etc… anyways self-studying is pretty tiring especially sitting at my desk all morning studying without a chair with a back-rest!!! Imagine that! OUCH. okay but never mind about that, it happens most of the time when I’m studying.. :I

It’s just three weeks to the end of this semester of school! Yay! After these three weeks of studies, i’ll get a one week break or rather holiday before the next semester starts! Sophomore year 2 is so relax…. really! I finished 2 subjects for this whole year in just 2 quarters! LOL! It’s just so satisfying for me – **realising that I can relax more in the next semester**. Two subjects down, four more to go! aaahhhhhhhh……

Weekends have been even more relaxing nowadays. On weekends, I get to do what I want to like bullet journaling, blogging, watching TV with my siblings, playing games, using my phone haha, and maybe making the YouTube music video for our HHIZ channel. Also the first and third Saturdays of the month I have Youth Fellowships at 4pm (on Zoom for now). Then on Sundays, there is church that is held live online on YouTube.. 2 messages a day. I really miss going to church! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

P.S. our next YouTube music video is out! go check it out — it took me so long do finish the video because of all the animation and pictures that I made and drew. Please go check it out :)) Link: HHIZ. I really like the pictures that I drew for the music video on Procreate. Watching the time-lapse makes it even more satisfying! XD

I asked my dad to by me some stickers for my bullet journal on TaoBao… and so I’m waiting for it to arrive in Singapore! yay!! haha. I totally love using washi tapes for my bullet journal and cute+aesthetic stickers. ( and i have a lot of washi tapes :I )

Having a blog and a bullet journal actually takes a lot of time and commitment to do it. Sometimes I don’t have the motivation to do any thing like blogging or bullet journaling, so nothing is done! It’s quite difficult to manage school, blogging, and bullet journaling at the same time so I made the decision to blog and journal on weekends only! Don’t be sad if you don’t se me post on weekdays… sorry people!


my. blog. is. so. random. and. i. am. . . . .

anyways, bye for now hehe!

Hannah @han15hw ๐ŸŒง

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